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Seeing A Baby Chick Hatch — Is It Worth the Wait?

One of many pictures my son took of this cute chick

One of many pictures my son took of this cute chick

Oh yes, it is.  Especially if you’re a 40-plus-year-old suburban girl who’s never, ever had the chance to see one before.

But, I almost missed it.  I almost went with my urge to hurry and go see “everything.”  I had brought my kids for our first visit to a Rodeo and Livestock Show, but we had only four short hours to do it all.  Was it really a good use of time to watch an egg rock intermittently, then chip a little, then crack, with long pauses in between?

My daughter, like me, was ready to move on.  But my son, age 10, was in awe.  He did not want to budge.  We girls took quick visits to other displays while he stayed, waiting, fascinated.  I knew I couldn’t make him miss this.

Eventually, a glimpse of beak broke through the egg, and it wasn’t an egg anymore.  It was a little baby chick inside an egg.  His head appeared after some resting, then a wing, and then he finally pulled his whole tired little body out of the shell.  What a thrill!  New life is a miracle every time.  All three of us watched that tiny baby break out.

It was the highlight of our day.

So, I wonder how much I’ve missed in life in my impatience to see “everything.”  I’m grateful for kids who show me a different “everything,” even if it’s not what I thought I wanted to see, and at a slower pace.

What have your kids made you slow down and see?


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